--(Pack,racetime.ru,Vanilla,6),of,Mighty,Leaf,Tea,,$53,/ptochology954757.html,Bean,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages --(Pack,racetime.ru,Vanilla,6),of,Mighty,Leaf,Tea,,$53,/ptochology954757.html,Bean,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages $53 Mighty Leaf Tea, Vanilla Bean --(Pack of 6) Grocery Gourmet Food Beverages Mighty Leaf Tea Vanilla Bean -- Pack 6 of OFFicial shop $53 Mighty Leaf Tea, Vanilla Bean --(Pack of 6) Grocery Gourmet Food Beverages Mighty Leaf Tea Vanilla Bean -- Pack 6 of OFFicial shop

Mighty Leaf Tea Ranking integrated 1st place Vanilla Bean -- Pack 6 of OFFicial shop

Mighty Leaf Tea, Vanilla Bean --(Pack of 6)


Mighty Leaf Tea, Vanilla Bean --(Pack of 6)

Product description

Flavor Name:Vanilla Bean

This aromatic tea features Madagascar vanilla beans and caramel blended with Ceylon and China black teas. A full-bodied and smoothly balanced cup make a deeply satisfying impression.

Mighty Leaf Tea, Vanilla Bean --(Pack of 6)

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