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Bathroom Genuine Vanity Sink Max 82% OFF Faucet Single-Hole Single-Handle Modern Co

Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet, Modern Single-Handle Single-Hole Co


Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet, Modern Single-Handle Single-Hole Co

Product description


Item Features:

*Easy to Install amp; Control,Durable quality,Deck Mounted.

*Mixer Hot and Cold water,Long Lasting amp; Smooth.

*Environmental Protection Material,Lead-free,Water Efficent.

*Replaceable Ceramic drip-free Cartridge for Smooth water flow and Long term usage.

*100% New with original packaging.

Faucet Style: Contemporary amp; Commercial

Cold and Hot Switch: Yes

Mounting: Deck Mount

Installation Holes: One Hole

Number of Handles: Single Handle


Valve Type: Ceramic Valve

Faucet Body Material: Brass

Package: 1x Faucet,2x Mixer Hoses,1x Fitting Kit

Beelee offers a variety of faucet that add finishing touchless to Kitchen And bathroom while helping to save water.Most of the faucets are made with clean, contemporary designs and sophisticated forms to suit the sleek minimalism that is trendy in modern homes.The faucets are also designed with multiple layers of solid brass that are expertly crafted to have homogenous, smooth and delicate inner walls with no dirt, rust or secondary pollution.


If You Have Any Problems and Suggestions with the Product, Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact us by Email,We'll Reply You at the First time! We won't Let our Customers Suffer Any Loss! Thanks

Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet, Modern Single-Handle Single-Hole Co

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