DB,and,Blue,Green,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Cantilever,with,1x30,racetime.ru,Sight,TAC,/mosquitoproof1551354.html,Red,,Dot,$28,Micro DB TAC 1x30 Red Las Vegas Mall Blue and Dot Green Cantilever with Micro Sight DB,and,Blue,Green,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Cantilever,with,1x30,racetime.ru,Sight,TAC,/mosquitoproof1551354.html,Red,,Dot,$28,Micro $28 DB TAC 1x30 Red, Blue and Green Micro Dot Sight with Cantilever Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $28 DB TAC 1x30 Red, Blue and Green Micro Dot Sight with Cantilever Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness DB TAC 1x30 Red Las Vegas Mall Blue and Dot Green Cantilever with Micro Sight

DB TAC 1x30 Red Las Vegas Mall Blue and Dot Green price Cantilever with Micro Sight

DB TAC 1x30 Red, Blue and Green Micro Dot Sight with Cantilever


DB TAC 1x30 Red, Blue and Green Micro Dot Sight with Cantilever

Product description

1x30 Dot Sight, Red, Green and Blue Illumination with Cantilever Mount 1x30mm Tactical Tri-Illuminated Red/Green/Blue Dot

Scope Sight in Black with Cantilever Weaver Base Mount with Lens Covers and Battery Included.

Specifications of the Red Dot Sight: Magnification: 1xObj.

Aperture: 30mm

Field of View: 50 degrees

Eye Relief: Unlimited Illumination: Red, Green amp; Blue Reticle Type: Dot

Dot Size: 4 MOA

Material: Lightweight 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Dimensions of Red Dot:

Length: 5.25"

Width: 2.56"/65mm

Height: 2.75"/70mm

Net Weight: 9.7 oz.

Included in the package:

Tri-Illuminated Red/Green/Blue Dot Sight x1

Flip-Up lens covers Cantilever Weaver Base Mount x1

CR2032 Battery x1

Hex Wrench x1

Cleaning Cloth x1

Features of the Red Dot Sight:

Durable Cantilever PEPR mount for any 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rail with Quick Attachment Rail Design Allowing Precision Fit

Adjustable Windage and Elevation, Intensity brightness Control Settings Per Color, Fog Proof, Weather Proof, and Shock
Resistant, Removable Spring loaded flip-up lens covers.

DB TAC 1x30 Red, Blue and Green Micro Dot Sight with Cantilever

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