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Heartland Men's St. Christopher Basketball Penda Silver Sterling Superior Be super welcome

Heartland Men's St. Christopher Basketball Sterling Silver Penda


Heartland Men's St. Christopher Basketball Sterling Silver Penda

Product description

This St. Christopher Basketball Pendant is made of sterling silver and is approximately the size of a quarter.

Select above which chain style you want from the style options above:

* a 24 inch rhodium plated chain with clasp

* a 24 inch endless rhodium plated chain

* a 24 inch genuine .925 sterling silver chain with clasp

* no chain at all, so just the pendant only (so you can pair with the chain of your own choice) .

The medal is gift boxed in a sturdy velvet jewelry box ready for gift giving.

This medal comes backed by a LIFETIME Manufacturer's warranty against wear and damage.

Heartland Men's St. Christopher Basketball Sterling Silver Penda

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