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Max 70% OFF ABS Chrome Car Door Handle Bowl price for VW 2011-20 Touareg Trim

ABS Chrome Car Door Handle Door Bowl Trim for VW Touareg 2011-20


ABS Chrome Car Door Handle Door Bowl Trim for VW Touareg 2011-20

Product description

Color:Door Handle Cover

ABS Chrome Car Door Handle Door Bowl Trim for VW Touareg 2011-2018 4 Door Decoration Cover Sticker Exterior Moulding Accessories

Item: Car Door Handle Trim Bowl Trim Cover
Condition: New
Selected ABS plating material, smooth edges, no burrs and no cuts;
Original car size, tight fit;
Easy to install, with adhesive on the back, wipe the body clean, paste directly;
Application: for VW Touareg 2011-2018
Door Handle Trim (4 doors, 8pcs included, as picture shown)
Material: ABS Chrome
Color: Silver
Quantity: 1 Set(Based on the style you selected)
Kindly Reminder:
This door handle cover is only used for Touareg 2011-2018, without intelligent sensor hole.
Intelligent sensor models can also be used, but it will affect the effect more or less.
Package Included:
1 Set x Car Door Decoration Trim

ABS Chrome Car Door Handle Door Bowl Trim for VW Touareg 2011-20

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