Toys Games , Learning Education,MAH,,Brass,Leather,$28,Ship,C-3167,/labyrinthian1524534.html,with,16',Case.,Telescope $28 MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope with Leather Case. C-3167 Toys Games Learning Education Toys Games , Learning Education,MAH,,Brass,Leather,$28,Ship,C-3167,/labyrinthian1524534.html,with,16',Case.,Telescope $28 MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope with Leather Case. C-3167 Toys Games Learning Education MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope Case. Max 86% OFF with C-3167 Leather MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope Case. Max 86% OFF with C-3167 Leather

MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope Case. Max 83% OFF Max 86% OFF with C-3167 Leather

MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope with Leather Case. C-3167


MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope with Leather Case. C-3167

Product description

16 inch Brass Ship Telescope Leather Case Antique Reproduction This Traditional Brass Telescope is ideal to grace the balcony, library, conservatory or drawing room of a fine house. These beautifully crafted, hand-polished, solid brass telescope have been manufactured to reflect the workmanship and materials of a more elegant bygone age. It comes with highly finished.This is a reproduction only. It cannot be used as a professional Telescope. Size Approx.: 40.6cm Tall x 4cm Dia (Telescope) Length x 5.5cm Wide x 6cm Height (Leather) BRAND-MAH

MAH 16' Brass Ship Telescope with Leather Case. C-3167

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