uPunch Digital Time Boston Mall Clock and Date R Cards 50 1 with Stamp $98 uPunch Digital Time Clock and Date Stamp with 50 Time Cards, 1 R Office Products Office School Supplies uPunch Digital Time Boston Mall Clock and Date R Cards 50 1 with Stamp Clock,Time,uPunch,$98,racetime.ru,50,Time,and,/intubate1550890.html,Cards,,Date,R,with,Stamp,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Digital,1 $98 uPunch Digital Time Clock and Date Stamp with 50 Time Cards, 1 R Office Products Office School Supplies Clock,Time,uPunch,$98,racetime.ru,50,Time,and,/intubate1550890.html,Cards,,Date,R,with,Stamp,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Digital,1

uPunch Digital Time Boston Mall Clock and Date R Cards 50 1 with Stamp OFFicial shop

uPunch Digital Time Clock and Date Stamp with 50 Time Cards, 1 R


uPunch Digital Time Clock and Date Stamp with 50 Time Cards, 1 R

From the manufacturer

Automatic Daylight Savings Updates

You won’t sweat the setup, with a precise internal calendar and automatic date change to keep you on track. The built-in Automatic Daylight Saving Time feature adjusts the clock automatically so you don't have to lift a finger.

Automatic Daylight Savings Updates

Automatic Daylight Savings

12 or 24 hour format

Select 12 or 12-Hour Format

Password Protection

Secure Password Protection

Wall or desk mounting

Versatile Wall or Desk Mount

uPunch Digital Time Clock and Date Stamp with 50 Time Cards, 1 R

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