$62 GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for Honda TRX250 TRX250R TRX 250R Automotive Replacement Parts $62 GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for Honda TRX250 TRX250R TRX 250R Automotive Replacement Parts GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for 250R TRX TRX250 TRX250R Sales Honda Honda,250R,TRX,TRX250,Radiator,for,Automotive , Replacement Parts,GPI,and,Aluminum,$62,racetime.ru,/intubate1455790.html,TRX250R,Hose Honda,250R,TRX,TRX250,Radiator,for,Automotive , Replacement Parts,GPI,and,Aluminum,$62,racetime.ru,/intubate1455790.html,TRX250R,Hose GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for 250R TRX TRX250 TRX250R Sales Honda

GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for 250R TRX TRX250 TRX250R Sales Honda Miami Mall

GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for Honda TRX250 TRX250R TRX 250R


GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for Honda TRX250 TRX250R TRX 250R

Product description

low price
fast shipping
100% quality assurance tested
Material: Aluminum
Radiator cap:included
You will receive what's in the picture
1 year warranty against Manufacturing Defect
New in box. 100% Brand new
This radiator is heavy duty designed, it can provide more cooling capacity than standard radiator .really well packed, exceeds OEM spec
The core of the radiator is welded in vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy
The tanks are 100% welded by TIG
Shipping:No shipping during on weekends and holidays.
Depend on different area needs 3-15 Working DAYS
If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us
If you are satisfied after receiving the goods, please give us five stars evaluation,we will be very grateful to you

GPI Aluminum Radiator and Hose for Honda TRX250 TRX250R TRX 250R

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