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Pure Blue H20 - Replacement Single-Stage Wate Undersink Filter Free shipping on posting reviews Max 64% OFF

Pure Blue H20 - Replacement Filter - Single-Stage Undersink Wate


Pure Blue H20 - Replacement Filter - Single-Stage Undersink Wate

Product Description

Single Stage Water Filtration System, produces ZERO Water Waste by connecting directly to the angle stop adapter then runs filtered water directly through the kitchen faucet:

The PureBlue H2O Single Stage Under the Sink Filtration easily connects directly under any sink. This means all of your cold tap water is filtered and no water is wasted. Each filter will last for 651 Gallons of water or about 6 months, when it comes time to change the filter its as easy as twisting off the current filter and putting a new one on. Filters Lead, Chlorine, Pharmaceuticals and more from your tap water with this easy to install water filter you can hide right under your kitchen counter.

REDUCES: Lead, Cyst, VOC , Chlorine taste and odor, Chloramine, Asbestos, Mercury, MTBE, Turbidity and Pharmaceutical Standard 401; Bisphenol A, Estrone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Nonyl Phenol and Phenytoin.

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Easy DIY Installation

Step 1: Turn off cold water and install adapter, insert provided tubing into color coded inserts.

NOTE: Ensure tubing is completely inserted into the coupling.

water filter installation, water filter, clean water, DIY installation, easy installation

Step 1: Install Adapter

Direct connect water filter, water filtration, under sink water filter, single stage water filter

Step 2: Install Manifold

water filter, single stage water filter, filtered water, clean water, DIY installation

Step 3: Install Filter

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Step 4: Run Water

Pure Blue H20 - Replacement Filter - Single-Stage Undersink Wate

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