EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Special price Wall Horn with LED Alarm Strobe Light Fire G4AVRF,racetime.ru,EDWARDS,Wall,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Light,Red,LED,Alarm,with,Fire,$32,Horn,/intubate1454790.html,Strobe EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Special price Wall Horn with LED Alarm Strobe Light Fire G4AVRF,racetime.ru,EDWARDS,Wall,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Light,Red,LED,Alarm,with,Fire,$32,Horn,/intubate1454790.html,Strobe $32 EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Wall Horn with LED Strobe Light Fire Alarm Tools Home Improvement Safety Security $32 EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Wall Horn with LED Strobe Light Fire Alarm Tools Home Improvement Safety Security

EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Special price Wall Horn with LED Alarm Strobe Light Shipping included Fire

EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Wall Horn with LED Strobe Light Fire Alarm


EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Wall Horn with LED Strobe Light Fire Alarm

Product description

Genesis LED G4 Series horns and LED strobes feature a sleek low profile design and energy-efficient technology that makes them less expensive to install and operate by reducing overhead. High performance LEDs require fewer power supplies, backup power, and batteries. These new appliances are designed with, energy-efficiency, and life safety in mind. Genesis LED G4 Series uses high efficiency optics, combined with patented electronics, to deliver a highly controlled and efficiently focused light distribution pattern in exchange for lower current requirements. Strobes feature field-selectable 15, 30,75, or 110 cd light output.

EDWARDS G4AVRF Red Wall Horn with LED Strobe Light Fire Alarm

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