Walking,$29,Bike,,Bicy,No-Pedal,Wheel,Toys Games , Tricycles, Scooters Wagons,Estink,Children,/intubate1207290.html,Balance,12inch,racetime.ru Estink Children Balance Mail order cheap Bike 12inch No-Pedal Wheel Bicy Walking Estink Children Balance Mail order cheap Bike 12inch No-Pedal Wheel Bicy Walking $29 Estink Children Balance Bike, 12inch Wheel No-Pedal Walking Bicy Toys Games Tricycles, Scooters Wagons $29 Estink Children Balance Bike, 12inch Wheel No-Pedal Walking Bicy Toys Games Tricycles, Scooters Wagons Walking,$29,Bike,,Bicy,No-Pedal,Wheel,Toys Games , Tricycles, Scooters Wagons,Estink,Children,/intubate1207290.html,Balance,12inch,racetime.ru

Estink Children Balance Mail order cheap Bike 12inch Today's only No-Pedal Wheel Bicy Walking

Estink Children Balance Bike, 12inch Wheel No-Pedal Walking Bicy


Estink Children Balance Bike, 12inch Wheel No-Pedal Walking Bicy

Product description

Our children balance bicycle feature solid material and firm structure, enhance the flexibility and agility of your kids, a good balance training bike for your kids.

Material: Carbon Steel
Color Options: Black, Silver, Yellow
Wheel Diameter: 12inch
Size: 84 * 60 * 44.5cm / 33.1 * 23.6 * 17.5inch
Weight: approx. 3550g

Package includes:
1 x Balance Bicycle

Estink Children Balance Bike, 12inch Wheel No-Pedal Walking Bicy

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