LED,1157,1/4",inch,motorcycle,Atubeix,/horngeld848901.html,racetime.ru,turn,Bright,$26,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,signals,rear,3 $26 Atubeix 3 1/4" inch LED turn signals motorcycle rear 1157 Bright Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $26 Atubeix 3 1/4" inch LED turn signals motorcycle rear 1157 Bright Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Atubeix 3 1 4" inch LED Bright rear motorcycle signals turn 1157 Large special price !! LED,1157,1/4",inch,motorcycle,Atubeix,/horngeld848901.html,racetime.ru,turn,Bright,$26,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,signals,rear,3 Atubeix 3 1 4" inch LED Bright rear motorcycle signals turn 1157 Large special price !!

Atubeix New Orleans Mall 3 1 4

Atubeix 3 1/4" inch LED turn signals motorcycle rear 1157 Bright


Atubeix 3 1/4" inch LED turn signals motorcycle rear 1157 Bright

Product description

Color:Rear 1157 LED Turn Signal Kit


Motorcycle 3 1/4" LED Rear Turn Signal Lights(1157)

Voltage: 12V

Socket Type: 1157

Weight: 0.13lbs/ 60g

Material: LED + Rubber Gel Board

Turn signal Size: Diameter: 3 1/4"

Number of LEDs: 48PCS LED Chip(Each Light)


for most Motorcycle with 3 1/4" Flat Style Turn Signals and 1157 Socket.

1986-2013 Electra Glide

1986-2018 Road King

1986-2017 Heritage Softail

1999-2003 Road Glide

2005 Road Glide Classic

Fits USA Brand Motorcycles with Factory Incandescent Bulbs-Bullet Style.


1.3 Wires Connection: (Two Ways for Installation, Not DOT Approved, for Off-Road Use Only)

①Black for Negative, Yellow for Running Light Positive, Red for Brake Light Positive.

②Black for Negative, Yellow for Ground, Red for Turn Signal Positive.

2.Please check the size measurement chart carefully and Bullet before making payment.

Atubeix 3 1/4" inch LED turn signals motorcycle rear 1157 Bright

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