$112 YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Jacket and Pants Set Waterproof Snow Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Chicago Mall Jacket Set Snow Pants Waterproof Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/horngeld1551301.html,Women's,$112,and,Snow,Jacket,and,YEEFINE,Ski,Men,Waterproof,racetime.ru,Pants,Set Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/horngeld1551301.html,Women's,$112,and,Snow,Jacket,and,YEEFINE,Ski,Men,Waterproof,racetime.ru,Pants,Set YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Chicago Mall Jacket Set Snow Pants Waterproof $112 YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Jacket and Pants Set Waterproof Snow Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

YEEFINE Men and Save money Women's Ski Chicago Mall Jacket Set Snow Pants Waterproof

YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Jacket and Pants Set Waterproof Snow


YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Jacket and Pants Set Waterproof Snow

Product description

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Coated fabric adds anti-static function, which is away from the conductive layer formed on the surface of hydrophobic fibers

the fiber surface hydrophilic, but also allows the fiber surface ionization, effectively prevent static electricity


The ski suit uses a microporous waterproofing film fabric composed of molecular materials,

which is smaller than water molecules but larger than air molecules

thereby achieving the effects of waterproofing, ventilating and dehumidifying

Since wearing it, we are no longer afraid of the rain and snow in the winter, and always stay dry and comfortable

3D stereo cutting, ergonomic. Proportional segmentation makes skiing more stylish.


1. Hand wash recommend. Machine washable but NOT recommend.

2. It is recommended to soak in warm water for a few minutes, then apply soap to the stained area and brush with a soft brush.

3. Do not wring. Do not be exposed to the sunfor a long time, please hang dry in shade. Do not iron.

YEEFINE Men and Women's Ski Jacket and Pants Set Waterproof Snow

Official NCAA College University Nickname Mens / Womens Boyfrien


Cosy jumpers await...

Layer up with warm and stylish knitwear.

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