1 2 3pcs T6 L2 V6 NEW Flashlight Rechargeable Fla Powerful LED 3pcs,racetime.ru,Rechargeable,Flashlight,/,L2,Powerful,1/2,$21,V6,T6,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,/horngeld1551101.html,/,LED,Fla,/ $21 1/2 / 3pcs T6 / L2 / V6 LED Flashlight Powerful Rechargeable Fla Tools Home Improvement Safety Security 3pcs,racetime.ru,Rechargeable,Flashlight,/,L2,Powerful,1/2,$21,V6,T6,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,/horngeld1551101.html,/,LED,Fla,/ 1 2 3pcs T6 L2 V6 NEW Flashlight Rechargeable Fla Powerful LED $21 1/2 / 3pcs T6 / L2 / V6 LED Flashlight Powerful Rechargeable Fla Tools Home Improvement Safety Security

1 2 3pcs T6 L2 V6 NEW Manufacturer OFFicial shop Flashlight Rechargeable Fla Powerful LED

1/2 / 3pcs T6 / L2 / V6 LED Flashlight Powerful Rechargeable Fla


1/2 / 3pcs T6 / L2 / V6 LED Flashlight Powerful Rechargeable Fla

Product description

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Product description
Flashlight Specification:
1) 100% Brand New Adjustable Focus Torch
2) Made from high quality 6061 t aluminum
3) High Power T6 LED, with a lifetime of a maximum of 80000-100,000 hours
4) Water resistant, but does not put it in the water
5) 5 MODE: High / Center / Low / Strobe / SOS
6) Power by: 1x18650 3.7 v lithium battery or 3x AAA battery
7) Color: black

1/2 / 3pcs T6 / L2 / V6 LED Flashlight Powerful Rechargeable Fla

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