Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed - C Cards High material 32 Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed - C Cards High material 32 $31 Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed Christmas Cards - 32 C Office Products Office School Supplies $31 Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed Christmas Cards - 32 C Office Products Office School Supplies C,32,Boxed,Calligraphy,Large,/horngeld1207101.html,,Christmas,$31,Cards,Caspari,Office Products , Office School Supplies,-,Christmas C,32,Boxed,Calligraphy,Large,/horngeld1207101.html,,Christmas,$31,Cards,Caspari,Office Products , Office School Supplies,-,Christmas

Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed - Classic C Cards High material 32

Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed Christmas Cards - 32 C


Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed Christmas Cards - 32 C

Product description

Size:32 Cards

Caspari's boxed Christmas cards add a classic and traditional touch to your holiday season. Founded on Christmas card creation, Caspari's history is rich with original holiday card designs. From the beginning, our Christmas cards have been printed in on high-quality cardstock by a respected printing facility in Switzerland. It is one of the only printers in the world with the ability to gold bronze. Gold bronzing is a unique printing technique that adds the shimmering accents that make our cards so special by dusting each card with a golden powder. All Christmas cards come with coordinating envelopes and are packaged attractively in boxes, which allows for easy gifting or storage. Available in a range of striking designs that celebrate all parts of the Christmas and winter season, our cards speak to the holidays of years' past. Celebrate your holiday season by sending out beautifully printed, high-quality, and unique cards to your friends and loved ones.

Caspari Christmas Calligraphy Large Boxed Christmas Cards - 32 C

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