IX6,racetime.ru,$37,Office Products , Office School Supplies,for,Replacement,Prettyia,Compatible,QY6-0080,Printhead,Canon,/galvanizer1207510.html IX6,racetime.ru,$37,Office Products , Office School Supplies,for,Replacement,Prettyia,Compatible,QY6-0080,Printhead,Canon,/galvanizer1207510.html $37 Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Compatible for Canon IX6 Office Products Office School Supplies $37 Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Compatible for Canon IX6 Office Products Office School Supplies Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Rare IX6 for Compatible Canon Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Rare IX6 for Compatible Canon

Prettyia Printhead Year-end annual account QY6-0080 Replacement Rare IX6 for Compatible Canon

Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Compatible for Canon IX6


Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Compatible for Canon IX6

Product description


- Item Type:Printer Head/Printhead/Printer head,Size: 9x6x5cm
- The print heads is packed with silver paper, and then put the package into inner boxk,professional waterproof packing.
- his print head is used to print black-and-white documents. You can only use black ink, not color inkBefore using the print head, the chip protection liquid of the print head must be wiped clean before installation.
- Suitable For HP For Canon iP4820 iP4850 iX6520 iX6550 MX715 MX885 MG5220 MG5250 MG5320 MG5350 MG5220 MG5250 MG5350 iP4850 iP4950 MX895 iX6550 iX6540 MG5340 MG5240 mg5300 MG5280 MG5380 MX880 MX886 MX888 MX898 iP4850 iP4900 iP4980 IX6580
- High quality Simple Installation,Professional Accessories


- Suitable For HP For Canon iP4820 iP4850 iX6520 iX6550 MX715 MX885 MG5220 MG5250 MG5320 MG5350 MG5220 MG5250 MG5350 iP4850 iP4950 MX895 iX6550 iX6540 MG5340 MG5240 mg5300 MG5280 MG5380 MX880 MX886 MX888 MX898 iP4850 iP4900 iP4980 IX6580

Package Includes:

1xPrinter Head

We greatly appreciate you for choosing our shop. Please check the details of our products in the description carefully before your purchase. Thanks!

Prettyia Printhead QY6-0080 Replacement Compatible for Canon IX6

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