Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One V Ranking TOP15 High Wais Neck Piece Swimsuits $23 Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One Piece Swimsuits V Neck High Wais Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One V Ranking TOP15 High Wais Neck Piece Swimsuits One,Women,Wais,/duplicand849231.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Neck,Plus,racetime.ru,High,Swimsuits,$23,Piece,Cutout,Daci,V,Size $23 Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One Piece Swimsuits V Neck High Wais Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women One,Women,Wais,/duplicand849231.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Neck,Plus,racetime.ru,High,Swimsuits,$23,Piece,Cutout,Daci,V,Size

Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One V Ranking TOP15 High Wais Neck Direct store Piece Swimsuits

Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One Piece Swimsuits V Neck High Wais


Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One Piece Swimsuits V Neck High Wais

Product Description

chic one piece swimsuit

About Us:

Daci is a global brand specializing in large size swimwear for chubby girls and young moms. From Daci you'll see the latest and cool design of the season , of course, the most important point is you will find the most suitable size swimsuit for you. Our independent designer struggled for years to design the perfect swim suits for the curvy shape body, to hide and conceal what needed to be hide and conceal, to show what you want to show , to bring you confidence and compliments. Here we come, together with your beauty.

size guide

Plus Size:

  • Please refer to our detailed size chart before purchase.

Garment Care:

  • Hand wash recommand, No Bleach, Low Iron
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Daci Women Plus Size Cutout One Piece Swimsuits V Neck High Wais

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