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Leather N Genuine Lambskin Sport Direct store discount S Jacket Blazer

Leather N Leather Genuine Lambskin Leather Sport Blazer Jacket S


Leather N Leather Genuine Lambskin Leather Sport Blazer Jacket S

Product description

Shade amp; Jacket May Differ In Actual slightly,being custom made amp; Stock photo,inside T-shirt shown would not be a part of listing.Size Chart is in inches and are of Body Measurements,a jacket chest size will differ and will be more.Diagram shows example way to measure body..The length may differ upon the style and picture is not for scaling purpose,Also any change in length or any kind of measurements kindly mention the same while you do payment checkout or message us at Amazon simultaneously with the payment as usually we will start making the item by default within 24 hours of payment as per size selected..

Leather N Leather Genuine Lambskin Leather Sport Blazer Jacket S

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