Mo,,Wheels,Speeds,26",Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,with,Bike,$175,21,Bicycle,Topteng,Pump,,/duplicand1455031.html,Mountain Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Pump [Alternative dealer] 21 Mo Speeds Bicycle $175 Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Bicycle Pump, 21 Speeds Mo Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Mo,,Wheels,Speeds,26",Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,with,Bike,$175,21,Bicycle,Topteng,Pump,,/duplicand1455031.html,Mountain Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Pump [Alternative dealer] 21 Mo Speeds Bicycle $175 Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Bicycle Pump, 21 Speeds Mo Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Topteng Mountain Bike 26

Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Bicycle Pump, 21 Speeds Mo


Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Bicycle Pump, 21 Speeds Mo

Product Description

Mountain Bike 26" Wheels 21 Speed Bicycle Disc Bicycles+Bike Lock + Air Pump

Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Bicycle Pump, 21 Speeds Mountain Bike

Package Included:

1x Bike

1x Bike Lock

1x Air Pump


Color: Decals in paint

Type: 21 speed 26” mountain bike

Flywheel: 7 tower wheels

Frame: 17 inches amp; 3S bottom bracket

Propulsion mode: chain propulsion

Chain: 108 chain

Foot pedal: PVC foot pedal

Frame/Fork: 31.8 bold front fork

Tire: spoke wheel

Brakes: Polly dual disc brakes

Tire size: 26-inch and aluminum alloy double rims

Product packaging size: 135x73x20 cm / 53x28.7x7.9 inches

Men's / Women's Height: 160-188cm

Weight: 120kg max.

Seat Distance: 70cm min. -85cm max. ( from the ground)

Handle: 95cm ( from the ground)

Body length: 170cm

Topteng Mountain Bike 26" Wheels with Bicycle Pump, 21 Speeds Mo

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Honoring Chester Pierce with a New Human Rights Award

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