$118 Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Card and Document Scanne Office Products Office Electronics $118 Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Card and Document Scanne Office Products Office Electronics Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Document and Ranking TOP4 Scanne Card /duplicand1206931.html,Card,and,$118,Portable,Avision,Office Products , Office Electronics,racetime.ru,Business,Document,Scanne,215L,PaperAir /duplicand1206931.html,Card,and,$118,Portable,Avision,Office Products , Office Electronics,racetime.ru,Business,Document,Scanne,215L,PaperAir Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Document and Ranking TOP4 Scanne Card

Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Document and Ranking TOP4 Popularity Scanne Card

Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Card and Document Scanne


Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Card and Document Scanne

Product description

At 11.8 inches long and weighting only 1500 grams, the Avision PaperAir 215L incorporates a built-in automatic document feeder (ADF) and card scanner in a compact unit. With the innovative design of a fordable automatic document feeder and a front/rear tray, the PaperAir 215L is easy to travel with and lets you bring productivity of batches scanning to any workplace. Product Details Easy-To-Use PaperAir Manager Software For the broader consumer who may not necessarily have any knowledge about scanner, Avision introduced the easy-to-use PaperAir Manager software without a TWAIN driver. Simply install and press the Scan button, the scan is completed with the predefined scan settings. Using PaperAir you gain perhaps the easiest scanning experience that allows you to scan multiple pages no matter the size and color of your document. Searching Document has never been easier PaperAir Manager comes with a powerful search engine. With this engine, all documents can be scanned and all the image text can be recognized and saved into a database through the text recognition process. Simply type your keyword, your document can be searched within seconds through the recognized image text, the file name, and the tag information. Convert paper documents into Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint files PaperAir 215L scanner let you automatically recognize image text and save image and the text into a Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint file. E-mail or print a scanned image directly from scanning You can attach the scanned image to your default e-mail software application or print it out with your printer instead of using a copy machine. Productive and Flexible The PaperAir 215L is productive at scan rate of up to 20 ppm and 40 ipm through the built-in 20-page auto document feeder and accommodate document up 14”. Compatible with Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10

Avision PaperAir 215L Portable Business Card and Document Scanne

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New Guide to Changes

2021 DSM-5 Diagnoses and New ICD-10-CM Codes

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Earn CME credit from the APA Learning Center. Free for members this month only.

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