itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Rain favorite Front+Rear Smoke Sun Guard Guard,Dark,Front+Rear,Smoke,$23,/diadem1551533.html,,Outside,Mount,4pcs,itelleti,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sun/Rain itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Rain favorite Front+Rear Smoke Sun Guard $23 itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Smoke Sun/Rain Guard Front+Rear Automotive Replacement Parts $23 itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Smoke Sun/Rain Guard Front+Rear Automotive Replacement Parts Guard,Dark,Front+Rear,Smoke,$23,/diadem1551533.html,,Outside,Mount,4pcs,itelleti,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sun/Rain

itelleti 4pcs Outstanding Outside Mount Dark Rain favorite Front+Rear Smoke Sun Guard

itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Smoke Sun/Rain Guard Front+Rear


itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Smoke Sun/Rain Guard Front+Rear

Product description

Item Features:
* Outside Mount. Stick on the doors amp; above the windows.
* 6 months warranty on all components.
* 100% Brand new in box.
* Easy Peel-N-Stick installation. Direct Tape-On Design.No Cutting or Drilling Required.
* Fully window protected from sun shade, wind, rain, snow deflector.
* Help reduce heat buildup in park vehicles by allowing air in when partially open.
* Long lasting material designed to withstand the rigors of the elements.
* Make it possible to leave the windows down a few inches to get fresh air even on rainy days.
* Comes With 3M Automotive-Grade Double-Sided Tapes.
* Dramatically Improve Styling amp; Appearance.

itelleti 4pcs Outside Mount Dark Smoke Sun/Rain Guard Front+Rear

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