racetime.ru,/diadem1524233.html,The,Master,Sex,Machine,Adjustable,Extreme,Series,Health Household , Sexual Wellness,$373,with,Dicktator Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Genuine Extreme Sex Machine with racetime.ru,/diadem1524233.html,The,Master,Sex,Machine,Adjustable,Extreme,Series,Health Household , Sexual Wellness,$373,with,Dicktator Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Genuine Extreme Sex Machine with $373 Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Extreme Sex Machine with Health Household Sexual Wellness $373 Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Extreme Sex Machine with Health Household Sexual Wellness

Master Series The Dicktator Purchase Adjustable Genuine Extreme Sex Machine with

Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Extreme Sex Machine with


Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Extreme Sex Machine with

Product description

Style:Sex Machine

Create your ultimate BDSM and sex station with this versatile sex machine! The Dictator provides pounding, penetrating pleasure at the control of your fingertips. This machine was designed to mount to the Obedience Sex Bench for non-stop screwing while they are comfortably restrained, but it is also a convenient machine for use without. Get creative with your bondage set-up and simply add the Dictator in with its customizable stand. The mounting arm adjusts in length and height. Adjust the height and angle of the machine to fit your partner perfectly. You can even adjust the thrust length! Use the multi-speed dial to play with various thrusting speeds, from slow and sensual, to rapid and ravishing. The thick, veiny dildo is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants and easy screws onto the thrusting arm. The durable steel frame of this fucking machine will stand up to vigorous use through many play sessions. You will dictate the pounding your partner receives! Measurements: Stand is 34.25 inches in height, with a 13.75 inch diameter base. Connector bracket is 21.5 inches in length. Thrust length adjusts from .5 inch to 3 inches. Dildo is 7 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter. Material: Machine is made of steel and ABS plastic. Dildo is made of TPE. Color: Black. Note: US 110-220v power cord included. Includes an Allen wrench and machine lubricant. Obedience Sex Bench AF514 sold separately.

From the manufacturer

automatic thrusting sex machine for men women couples portable durable adjustable

Master Series The Dicktator Adjustable Extreme Sex Machine with

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