L48,$86,/coniferophyte849070.html,80CRI,LED,4,Vap,Lithonia,Foot,40K,racetime.ru,5000LM,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,MVOLT,Lighting,XVML Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 4 Vap Foot XVML 80CRI LED New Free Shipping $86 Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 80CRI XVML 4 Foot LED Vap Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs $86 Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 80CRI XVML 4 Foot LED Vap Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 4 Vap Foot XVML 80CRI LED New Free Shipping L48,$86,/coniferophyte849070.html,80CRI,LED,4,Vap,Lithonia,Foot,40K,racetime.ru,5000LM,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,MVOLT,Lighting,XVML

Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 4 New arrival Vap Foot XVML 80CRI LED New Free Shipping

Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 80CRI XVML 4 Foot LED Vap


Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 80CRI XVML 4 Foot LED Vap

From the manufacturer

Lumens 5000 LM 5000 LM 3500 LM 3500 LM
Color Temperature 5000K 4000K 5000K 4000K
MVOLT 120-277 120-277 120-277 120-277
Wattage 49 49 33 33
LPW 112.9 109.6 110.4 106.4
Comparable Light Source 2-54T5HO lamps 3-32T8 Lamps 2 - 32T8 lamps 2 - 32T8 lamps

Lithonia Lighting L48 5000LM MVOLT 40K 80CRI XVML 4 Foot LED Vap

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