$28 Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories - Ultimate Grip De Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories De Ultimate Manufacturer regenerated product Grip - $28 Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories - Ultimate Grip De Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Northcore,$28,Ultimate,De,Watersports,and,Grip,/coniferophyte1206970.html,-,Surfing,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Accessories,racetime.ru Northcore,$28,Ultimate,De,Watersports,and,Grip,/coniferophyte1206970.html,-,Surfing,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Accessories,racetime.ru Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories De Ultimate Manufacturer regenerated product Grip -

Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories De Ultimate Manufacturer Austin Mall regenerated product Grip -

Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories - Ultimate Grip De


Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories - Ultimate Grip De

Product description

Northcore Ultimate Grip Deck Pad

The Northcore Ultimate Grip surfboard traction pad is constructed using the most advanced materials available on the market. Featuring high density EVA foam for ultimate traction and 3M adhesive for superior strength.


High density EVA foam

3-piece pad

2mm diamond profile grip

30mm raised kick tail

5mm centre arch

3M Adhesive

Measures 31cm x 32cm (height and width at widest part)

Also available in Wave Rasta and Forest designs.

Please note that where applicable, sizes shown are United Kingdom sizes.

Northcore Surfing and Watersports Accessories - Ultimate Grip De

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