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SENBURNY womens Max 50% OFF Boots Popular overseas Wedge

SENBURNY womens Wedge Boots


SENBURNY womens Wedge Boots

Product description

SENBURNY is committed to bring good quality, fashionable and practical shoes to every customer.Our shop offers a variety of shoes, suitable for men,women,girls and boys. We have a professional shoe production factory to ensure the quality of shoes.We aim to provide you reliable products with the high-quality. 
Why choose us:
We have a professional design team; every step of the production process is inspected, we just make a pair of good shoes.
Welcome to experience our shoes
After sale
1 .Question:Does it have a pungent smell?
answer :NO
2.Question:Is it comfortable to wear?
answer:Yes, standard processing technology, American code standard!
3.Question:Whether the sole is durable?
answer:Yes, if there are any broken soles within 15 days, we will replace them with new ones for free.
4.About after-sales:If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we will give you the most professional advice within 24 hours.
5.About shipping:The order processing time is 3-5 days, the general shipping time is 15 days, and the expedited time is 7 days (additional payment is required).
Size Chart: 
US WOMEN'S,5.5==EU 36==CN 35 Foot Length 8.86in 
US WOMEN'S,6.0==EU 37==CN 36 Foot Length 9.05in
US WOMEN'S,6.5==EU 37.5==CN 37 Foot Length 9.25in
US WOMEN'S,7==EU 38==CN 38 Foot Length 9.45in
US WOMEN'S,7.5===EU 39==CN 39 Foot Length 9.65in
US WOMEN'S,8.0===EU 40==CN 40 Foot Length 9.84in
US WOMEN'S,8.5===EU 40.5==CN 41 Foot Length 10.04in
US WOMEN'S,9.0===EU 41==CN 42 Foot Length 10.24in

SENBURNY womens Wedge Boots

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