IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers 8 In Ranking TOP7 Stock Carburetor for 5-3 IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers 8 In Ranking TOP7 Stock Carburetor for 5-3 IAP,$28,/campylodrome1207614.html,for,Stock,Black,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Air,Carburetor,Cleaner,Louvers,with,5-3/8,In,racetime.ru IAP,$28,/campylodrome1207614.html,for,Stock,Black,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Air,Carburetor,Cleaner,Louvers,with,5-3/8,In,racetime.ru $28 IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers for Stock Carburetor 5-3/8 In Automotive Replacement Parts $28 IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers for Stock Carburetor 5-3/8 In Automotive Replacement Parts

IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers 8 In Ranking TOP7 Stock Carburetor Rare for 5-3

IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers for Stock Carburetor 5-3/8 In


IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers for Stock Carburetor 5-3/8 In

Product description

IAP Black Air Cleaner With Louvers For Stock VW Carburetor 5-3/8 Inch Diameter

Louvered for maximum air intake
Black satin finish complements stock or custom engines
5-3/8 Diameter
Fits all stock Air-Cooled VW carburetors
Sold Each

Compatible with Volkswagen:
Type 1 [Beetle/Bug] 1200cc-1600cc
Type 2 [Transporter/Bus] 1200-1600cc
Karmann Ghia 1200-1600cc
Super Beetle 1600cc w/ Carburetor

SKU AC129733B
UPC 756632253023
Application Stock Air-Cooled VW Carburetor1200-1600cc

Weight 0.7800
Manufacturer IAP Performance

IAP Black Air Cleaner with Louvers for Stock Carburetor 5-3/8 In


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