$49 6Pc x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 16600-10Y00 For 1992-1999 93 94 Automotive Replacement Parts 94,1992-1999,93,For,Fuel,16600-10Y00,1660096E01,6Pc,/cacophony1524017.html,x,Automotive , Replacement Parts,racetime.ru,$49,Injectors 6Pc latest x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 94 For 93 16600-10Y00 1992-1999 $49 6Pc x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 16600-10Y00 For 1992-1999 93 94 Automotive Replacement Parts 6Pc latest x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 94 For 93 16600-10Y00 1992-1999 94,1992-1999,93,For,Fuel,16600-10Y00,1660096E01,6Pc,/cacophony1524017.html,x,Automotive , Replacement Parts,racetime.ru,$49,Injectors

6Pc latest x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 Ranking TOP17 94 For 93 16600-10Y00 1992-1999

6Pc x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 16600-10Y00 For 1992-1999 93 94


6Pc x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 16600-10Y00 For 1992-1999 93 94

Product description

Item descirption:

Manufacturer Part Number: 1660096E01, 16600-10Y00, 16600-53J00
Interchange Part Number: 16600 96E01, 1660010Y00, 1660053J00
Other Part Number:6600-96E00,16600-96E01, 62027, FJ285, A46-00, 842-18114
for 1992-1999 Nissan Maxima
for 1996-1999 Infiniti I30

Package Includes:6 x Fuel Injectors as pictured

6Pc x Fuel Injectors 1660096E01 16600-10Y00 For 1992-1999 93 94

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