AJP,Suspension,Strut,Distributors,Sport,Lower,racetime.ru,Tie,/attainment1207696.html,Blue,$31,Front,JDM,Automotive , Replacement Parts AJP Under blast sales Distributors Blue JDM Sport Strut Suspension Tie Lower Front $31 AJP Distributors Blue JDM Sport Suspension Front Lower Strut Tie Automotive Replacement Parts $31 AJP Distributors Blue JDM Sport Suspension Front Lower Strut Tie Automotive Replacement Parts AJP Under blast sales Distributors Blue JDM Sport Strut Suspension Tie Lower Front AJP,Suspension,Strut,Distributors,Sport,Lower,racetime.ru,Tie,/attainment1207696.html,Blue,$31,Front,JDM,Automotive , Replacement Parts

AJP Under blast Max 76% OFF sales Distributors Blue JDM Sport Strut Suspension Tie Lower Front

AJP Distributors Blue JDM Sport Suspension Front Lower Strut Tie


AJP Distributors Blue JDM Sport Suspension Front Lower Strut Tie

Product description

  • JDM Front Lower Strut Frame Bar!!
  • This adjustable tie brace for vehicles that have been lowered and or modified for drag, drift, road racing where reducing body flex is necessary.
  • Ideal for Hard Driving, Track Use / Drifting or normal street driving.
  • Provides firm road feel and steering wheel response.
  • Made from CNC machined aluminum for maximum Strength and Durability.
  • The brackets are made from mild Steel for Outstanding Reliability.
  • Brace is Fully anodized finish for Increased Corrosion Protection and awesome look.
  • Kit Includes Both Left amp; Right adapter brackets and necessary hardware for installation.
  • An Easy a Perfect Suspension Upgrade will dramatically improve road feel and handling.
  • **NOTE: Picture used is a sample picture**
  • Color : Blue

AJP Distributors Blue JDM Sport Suspension Front Lower Strut Tie

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