$41 TEK POS - 1-Ply - Kitchen Printer Bond Receipt Paper - 3" x 165’ Office Products Office School Supplies racetime.ru,Printer,165’,Receipt,Paper,$41,TEK,-,x,/attainment1207596.html,-,Office Products , Office School Supplies,POS,Bond,-,1-Ply,Kitchen,3" TEK POS - 1-Ply Kitchen Printer 3" 165’ x Bond Receipt Industry No. 1 Paper racetime.ru,Printer,165’,Receipt,Paper,$41,TEK,-,x,/attainment1207596.html,-,Office Products , Office School Supplies,POS,Bond,-,1-Ply,Kitchen,3" TEK POS - 1-Ply Kitchen Printer 3" 165’ x Bond Receipt Industry No. 1 Paper $41 TEK POS - 1-Ply - Kitchen Printer Bond Receipt Paper - 3" x 165’ Office Products Office School Supplies

TEK POS - 1-Ply Kitchen Bargain Printer 3

TEK POS - 1-Ply - Kitchen Printer Bond Receipt Paper - 3" x 165’


TEK POS - 1-Ply - Kitchen Printer Bond Receipt Paper - 3" x 165’

Product description

Size:3 In. (W) x 165 Ft. (L) - 1-Ply

TEK POS Paper's USA made, BPA-free 3 in x 165 ft single-ply bond paper is designed for use in a wide variety of impact printing machines and point of sale (POS) systems.

Our paper goes through extensive lab testing to ensure you only have the highest quality receipt paper for your business. Designed for maximum printer efficiency, saving your business precious time and money wasted paper and ink. Our products are made in the USA and BPA Free.

Product Details:

  • Paper Width: 3 Inches
  • Paper Length: 165 Feet
  • Core Inside Diameter: 0.5 Inches

TEK POS - 1-Ply - Kitchen Printer Bond Receipt Paper - 3" x 165’

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