Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,$35,With,/anaglyptograph954489.html,passenger,,2018-later,So,XKMT-Slipstream,Compatible,Footpegs XKMT-Slipstream famous Footpegs Compatible With So passenger 2018-later XKMT-Slipstream famous Footpegs Compatible With So passenger 2018-later $35 XKMT-Slipstream Footpegs Compatible With passenger 2018-later So Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $35 XKMT-Slipstream Footpegs Compatible With passenger 2018-later So Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,$35,With,/anaglyptograph954489.html,passenger,,2018-later,So,XKMT-Slipstream,Compatible,Footpegs

XKMT-Slipstream famous Footpegs Compatible With So NEW before selling ☆ passenger 2018-later

XKMT-Slipstream Footpegs Compatible With passenger 2018-later So


XKMT-Slipstream Footpegs Compatible With passenger 2018-later So

Product description



  • High Quality Billet Aluminum Foot Pegs(Left amp; Right Sides)
  • Professional installation is recommended
  • Replace the stock footpegs with these comfortable and stylish designs


  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Instructions: Not Included
  • Condition: 100% Brand New Aftermarket
  • Color: Same as picture shown
  • Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Your model motorcycle is equipped with a pin and retaining clip, remove them and retain for future use. Save all hardware, including torsion spring , for installation of the new footpegs.
  • Package included 2 footpegs and 2 adapters, as picture shown
  • Same Adapter As OEM Part# 50500832


  • Fits passenger position on '18-later Softail models.

    Deluxe FLDE
    Fat Boy FLFB
    Fat Boy 114 FLFBS
    Heritage Classic FLHC
    Heritage Classic 114 FLHCS
    Sport Glide FLSB
    Softail Slim FLSL
    Street Bob FXBB
    Breakout FXBR
    Breakout 114 FXBRS
    FXDR 114 FXDRS
    Fat Bob FXFB
    Fat Bob 114 FXFBS
    Low Rider FXLR
  • XKMT-Slipstream Footpegs Compatible With passenger 2018-later So

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