2001-2004,C-hevro,Air,MAF,Mass,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Flow,for,FINDAUTO,Sensor,racetime.ru,/anaglyptograph1551789.html,for,Fits,$21 FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow trust Sensor MAF Fits 2001-2004 for C-hevro 2001-2004,C-hevro,Air,MAF,Mass,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Flow,for,FINDAUTO,Sensor,racetime.ru,/anaglyptograph1551789.html,for,Fits,$21 $21 FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF Fits for 2001-2004 for C-hevro Automotive Replacement Parts FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow trust Sensor MAF Fits 2001-2004 for C-hevro $21 FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF Fits for 2001-2004 for C-hevro Automotive Replacement Parts

FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow trust Sensor MAF Fits 2001-2004 55% OFF for C-hevro

FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF Fits for 2001-2004 for C-hevro


FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF Fits for 2001-2004 for C-hevro

Product description

Application for:
2001-2004 for C-hevrolet Tracker 2.5L
2002-2003 for S-uzuki Aerio 2.0L
1999-2000 for S-uzuki Esteem 1.6L
1999-2002 for S-uzuki Esteem 1.8L
1999-2005 for S-uzuki Grand Vitara 2.5L
1996-1998 for S-uzuki Sidekick 1.8L
2004 for S-uzuki Vitara 2.5L

FINDAUTO Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF Fits for 2001-2004 for C-hevro

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