ASA Surprise price 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° Porcelain C White,52410017,ASA,Raviolimaker,/afterwash954793.html,Porcelain,,C,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,White,$35,250° ASA Surprise price 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° Porcelain C White $35 ASA 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° C, Porcelain, White Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining,52410017,ASA,Raviolimaker,/afterwash954793.html,Porcelain,,C,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,White,$35,250° $35 ASA 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° C, Porcelain, White Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

ASA Surprise price 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° Porcelain C White Super popular specialty store

ASA 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° C, Porcelain, White


ASA 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° C, Porcelain, White

Product description

Pasta lovers pay attention! With our ravioli maker and the matching wooden roll in a simple, timeless design you will make even the best Italian "Mamma" competition. Fill your ravioli with your favourite ingredients: mozarella, dried tomatoes, porcini mushrooms amp; co. - There are no limits to your imagination. The mold has a size of 25 x 15 cm and is made from high quality porcelain. Application: put the thin pasta dough on the porcelain mold, then put the filling into the cavities. Put a second layer of dough on the first and roll over the dough with the wooden roll.

ASA 52410017 Raviolimaker 250° C, Porcelain, White

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