Carina Hair Blonde Human Max 69% OFF Bundles 100g 1b-61 Body Wave 3-Pcs Carina Hair Blonde Human Max 69% OFF Bundles 100g 1b-61 Body Wave 3-Pcs $144 Carina Hair Blonde Human Hair Bundles Body Wave 3-Pcs 100g,1b-61 Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Blonde,100g,1b-61,Carina,Bundles,Hair,/Goniaster954971.html,Hair,Human,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Body,Wave,,3-Pcs,$144 Blonde,100g,1b-61,Carina,Bundles,Hair,/Goniaster954971.html,Hair,Human,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Body,Wave,,3-Pcs,$144 $144 Carina Hair Blonde Human Hair Bundles Body Wave 3-Pcs 100g,1b-61 Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Carina Hair Blonde Human Max 69% OFF Bundles 100g 1b-61 Body Wave 3-Pcs mart

Carina Hair Blonde Human Hair Bundles Body Wave 3-Pcs 100g,1b-61


Carina Hair Blonde Human Hair Bundles Body Wave 3-Pcs 100g,1b-61

Product description

Size:20 20 20 with 14

Hair Parameter

1)Hair Grade:8A

2)Texture: Brazilian Ombre Body Wave.

3)Hair Material:100% Brazilian human hair.

4)Length: 8inch-24inch

5)Hair Color: Ombre Color 1B-613

6)Hair Weight: Each bundle is about 100g

7)Hair weft: Machine Double Weft

8)Hair quality: tangle free, soft brazilian virgin human hair


1.Our Hair Extensions are premium quality human hair, very clean, natural ,soft, comb easily.

2.There are no synthetic, no animal hair, we choose high quality hair grade 8A which was cut off from young ladies directly.

3.There is no chemical treatment.They can be easily Curled,Bleached and Styled by your favor!

Return policy:

1.7days no satisfied we can return Once you brought the hair and friends do not like it, and the hair is new without any damage.

We accept return, but the buyer must be pay the return fee.

2.If we shipped the wrong size or style, and the hair is new without damaging, we accept return and pay the return fee .

For length of the hair, make the hair stretch straight, then measure the length.

Carina Hair Blonde Human Hair Bundles Body Wave 3-Pcs 100g,1b-61

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