Silvered,with,in,Home Kitchen , Bath,28,Mirror,Bathroom,36,x,Touch,$133,Bu,,/Goniaster954771.html,LED,Horizontal 36 x 28 in Genuine Horizontal LED Mirror Touch Bu Bathroom with Silvered $133 36 x 28 in Horizontal LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Bu Home Kitchen Bath Silvered,with,in,Home Kitchen , Bath,28,Mirror,Bathroom,36,x,Touch,$133,Bu,,/Goniaster954771.html,LED,Horizontal 36 x 28 in Genuine Horizontal LED Mirror Touch Bu Bathroom with Silvered $133 36 x 28 in Horizontal LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Bu Home Kitchen Bath

36 SEAL limited product x 28 in Genuine Horizontal LED Mirror Touch Bu Bathroom with Silvered

36 x 28 in Horizontal LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Bu


36 x 28 in Horizontal LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Bu

Product description

36 x 28 In Vertical LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Button (DK-OD-N031-I), application of 0.2 in. float glass, LED light source, safe and energy-efficient. The lighted mirror with silvered reflection layer, guarantees clear and real phantom, top and back lacquers, environmental and waterproof.

LED Model :5050/60
Power Source Input:100-250V, 50/60HZ
Lumen:4200 LM
Power: 31W
Switch: Touch Button
Item Length: 2.0 In.
Item Width: 36.0 In.
Item Height: 28.0 In.
Item Weight: 22.5 Lbs.

36 x 28 in Horizontal LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Bu

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