$35,Women,Wedding,Sandals,S,racetime.ru,Rivet,/Goniaster1455771.html,Studded,MIRAAZZURRA,Heeled,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,T-Strap MIRAAZZURRA Women Raleigh Mall Heeled Sandals Rivet Wedding T-Strap S Studded $35 MIRAAZZURRA Women Heeled Sandals Rivet Studded T-Strap Wedding S Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $35 MIRAAZZURRA Women Heeled Sandals Rivet Studded T-Strap Wedding S Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $35,Women,Wedding,Sandals,S,racetime.ru,Rivet,/Goniaster1455771.html,Studded,MIRAAZZURRA,Heeled,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,T-Strap MIRAAZZURRA Women Raleigh Mall Heeled Sandals Rivet Wedding T-Strap S Studded

MIRAAZZURRA Women Raleigh Mall Heeled Sandals Rivet Wedding T-Strap S Studded High quality new

MIRAAZZURRA Women Heeled Sandals Rivet Studded T-Strap Wedding S


MIRAAZZURRA Women Heeled Sandals Rivet Studded T-Strap Wedding S

Product description

Shoes detail:
[Manufacture] Hand-Made
[Wear Method] Slip on shoes
[Heel Style] Stiletto heel
[Heel height] 6.5cm/2.6" high heel
[Toe Style] Pointed-toe

Are these shoes true to size?
We made all shoes in US standard size, if you have specific size requirement, we recommend you to tell us your feet measurement before making your decision.

Shipping amp; Service:
Handling time: 3-5 Business Days.
Shipping time:
Expedited Shipping: Shipped by DHL express. Delivery in 3-6 Business Days in average.
Standard Shipping by Post service: Delivery 10-20 Business Days.
After-sale Service:
7*24 hours full days services,reply in 24 hrs.

MIRAAZZURRA Women Heeled Sandals Rivet Studded T-Strap Wedding S

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