4 Sun 7 Special price for a limited time Steps Japanese Puzzle Box Steps,/Eriobotrya954419.html,racetime.ru,Puzzle,Box,Toys Games , Puzzles,7,Sun,Japanese,4,$49 Steps,/Eriobotrya954419.html,racetime.ru,Puzzle,Box,Toys Games , Puzzles,7,Sun,Japanese,4,$49 $49 4 Sun 7 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box Toys Games Puzzles $49 4 Sun 7 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box Toys Games Puzzles 4 Sun 7 Special price for a limited time Steps Japanese Puzzle Box

4 Sun 7 100% quality warranty! Special price for a limited time Steps Japanese Puzzle Box

4 Sun 7 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box


4 Sun 7 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box

Product description

This Japanese Puzzle Box is a Masterpiece! Work-of-Art! There is one combination to open this amazing 7 steps Puzzle Box. In order to open a puzzle box, there is a need to move / slide one part (or more) in one side of the box. This action will allow other parts in other sides of the box to be moved too, which will allow other parts to be moved until the right combinations in reached and the box is opened. Each part that is being moved is partially unlocks other part in other side of the box which allows them to move. Solving the Japanese Puzzle Box means to slide the top panel and opening the box. Comes with a beautiful Gift Box.

4 Sun 7 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box

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