$45 TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift Cable Kit OMC Cobra Sterndrive Automotive Replacement Parts TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift OMC Free shipping / New Kit Cable Cobra Sterndrive Cable,/Araucariaceae1455122.html,PERFORMANCE,TITAN,OMC,757,Shift,Sterndrive,$45,racetime.ru,Cobra,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Kit,Lower Cable,/Araucariaceae1455122.html,PERFORMANCE,TITAN,OMC,757,Shift,Sterndrive,$45,racetime.ru,Cobra,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Kit,Lower TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift OMC Free shipping / New Kit Cable Cobra Sterndrive $45 TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift Cable Kit OMC Cobra Sterndrive Automotive Replacement Parts

TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift OMC Free shipping New 1 year warranty Kit Cable Cobra Sterndrive

TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift Cable Kit OMC Cobra Sterndrive


TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift Cable Kit OMC Cobra Sterndrive

Product description

NEW OMC COBRA LOWER SHIFT CABLE KIT Includes hardware amp; gasket Cable length 68 / Jacket Length 58.50 Fits Carbureted cobra drives Does not fit King Cobra models Not for fuel injected motors OEM Quality aftermarket replacement Exact item is pictured Replaces OE: 987661 986654 987498 Sierra 18-2245-1 GLM 21715 Fits: OMCCobra Sterndrives 1986-1993

TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Lower Shift Cable Kit OMC Cobra Sterndrive

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