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Women Trendy Fresh Marguerite Print Cardigan Swe Knitted Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ NEW before selling Buttons

Women Trendy Fresh Marguerite Print Buttons Cardigan Knitted Swe


Women Trendy Fresh Marguerite Print Buttons Cardigan Knitted Swe

Product description

Made from cotton and knitted fabric, you will wear it comfortably.
It is stylish that this sweater is printed with marguerite.
You can buckle or unbuckle the buttons at your will.
This cardigan coat is suitable for work, holiday, and daily wear.
Type: Cardigan
Size Type: Regular
Gender: Women
Material: Cotton, Knitted Fabric
Style: Casual
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
Neck Type: O Neck
Garment Care: Hand Wash
Features: Buttons Closure, Marguerite Print, Warm
Size Details:
[Our Size S] Bust: 115cm/45.3"", Shoulder: 57cm/22.4"", Sleeve: 52cm/20.5"", Length: 59cm/23.2"" (Approx.)
[Our Size M] Bust: 120cm/47.2"", Shoulder: 58cm/22.8"", Sleeve: 52cm/20.5"", Length: 59cm/23.2"" (Approx.)
[Our Size L] Bust: 126cm/49.6"", Shoulder: 59.5cm/23.4"", Sleeve: 53cm/20.9"", Length: 60cm/23.6"" (Approx.)
[Our Size XL] Bust: 134cm/52.8"", Shoulder: 61cm/24"", Sleeve: 53cm/20.9"", Length: 60cm/23.6"" (Approx.)
[Our Size 2XL] Bust: 142cm/55.9"", Shoulder: 63cm/24.8"", Sleeve: 54cm/21.3"", Length: 61cm/24"" (Approx.)
[Our Size 3XL] Bust: 150cm/59.1"", Shoulder: 65cm/25.6"", Sleeve: 54cm/21.3"", Length: 61cm/24"" (Approx.)
Please refer to our size chart and choose the right size.
Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Package Includes:
1 x Cardigan

Women Trendy Fresh Marguerite Print Buttons Cardigan Knitted Swe

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